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Gratis forsendelse på alle ordrer over 800 kr.
Gratis forsendelse på alle ordrer over 800 kr.
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Rezet Store Visits: Another Aspect

21. juli 2023

With the vision to create a platform that inspires our community, we present Rezet Store Visits. Mixing art, culture, and community, Rezet Store Visits is a series that seeks to explore the people and places that inspire us. Introducing friends within the Rezet Community that have been with us since the beginning, and those we meet along the way.

Founded by three friends in Copenhagen, ANOTHER ASPECT explores sustainability beyond the norm. With collections made exclusively from recycled fibres, deadstock and organic materials, the brand features classic wardrobe staples that are meant to last.

For the fourth episode of Rezet Store Visits, we visited the three founders at their new store and office space located in Møntergade Copenhagen, to talk about their appreciation of daily routines, how they are rethinking the archetypal elements of menswear and their journey towards creating the shopping experience they always wanted.

First of all, congratulations on your new store in Møntergade! It seems as though a lot of thought has been put behind creating this new space. Is there a certain feeling you wish to leave people with when entering your Flagship store?

We started our retail journey at a small basement in Vesterbro, and we then expanded our brand into the heart of the Copenhagen shopping district at Møntergade 3A. Although people have always told us that retail is dead and there’s never been more challenging to do what we’re doing, in times like this, it would be easy to fall back, cut corners, and undo all the work that came before it. With the new and bigger space we got the chance to provide the shopping experience that we have always been looking for; unpretentious and considered, like a clubhouse.

How did you first find your way into the fashion industry?
And what inspired you to create your own brand?

Hailing from small towns on the Northern coast of Denmark, we shared a longstanding interest in culture, music and art. Daniel and Anders relocated to Copenhagen and undertook education within creative fields and worked in the fashion industry while Nicolaj established himself as a professional footballer. We often spoke about the idea of creating something together that was rooted in our shared values while communicating our perception of responsible design and in 2019, ANOTHER ASPECT was founded.

Where do you find inspiration for your designs?

Our collections grow from an appreciation of going about one’s daily routines while making space for new adventures. By building on archetypal forms and classic elements, we want to create clothes that can complement wherever our everyday journey may take us, be it towards familiar paths or along unknown routes.

Can you tell us a bit about your design process?

Working from the idea of creating timeless elements in responsible materials with an aspiring universe around it, we believe in creating designs with longevity in both their character and quality, helping customers buy better and, hopefully, buy less.

We strive to reconsider the archetypal elements of menswear through a modern yet long-lasting scope — removing all the superfluous noise that far too often make menswear trendy instead of timeless and adding the pragmatic functionalities that we need as consumers in order for our products to serve their inherent purpose.

La Cabra recently opened a coffee bar inside your Flagship store. How did the partnership with the Danish coffee company begin? And how has it affected your own journey as a clothing brand?

We initially met the team behind La Cabra as customers. Over time, however, we began to appreciate each other's work in a deeper way, and we began to talk about ways we could combine our strengths. La Cabra  is a good match based on our long-term collaboration on, among other things, uniforms and merchandise. In addition, our thoughts on, among other things, sustainability, taste and quality match.

You clearly have a lot of focus on creating timeless silhouettes using materials with lessened environmental harm. What would you say is your biggest challenge when working with sustainable principles?

Starting out as a small brand with minimal means, tight margins and small orders, we’re entirely aware that these conditions aren’t suited to allow us to become the leading responsible menswear brand. However, we firmly believe that we as a brand can reach that point through a continuous emphasis on getting better at doing better, day by day, product by product, order by order, to care for the planet that we inhabit by creating items that’ll be interesting today, tomorrow and in ten years time.

Is there a certain milestone in the journey of ANOTHER ASPECT that stands out for you?

The biggest milestone so far in the history of ANOTHER ASPECT will be our new shop in Møntergade 3A, it’s the shop that we always dreamed of. We built it up from the ground and designed it the way we exactly wanted.

And before we wrap it up - anything you can reveal about the future of ANOTHER ASPECT?

As we got the proof of concept of the store in Møntergade, we would very much like to unveil that retail concept into other cities such as New York, Berlin and Paris. So in the long end our goal is to build a strong worldwide retail foundation.

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