Social responsibility


As a moral and ethical obligation, we’re supporting social equality throughout the global world. We try to make an effort in areas where we believe our voice and platform will have the biggest impact.


Diversity, inclusivity, equality


We’re committed to maintaining gender equality in our organisation. Today in 2021, we're around 60% men and 40% women. We support diversity and inclusivity, and do not discriminate between beliefs, color, sexuality or the like.
We always have been, and will always be, a community where everyone is welcome. It is important to us that we’re inclusive - both internally and externally. We’re here for everyone.

What have we done so far


In 2016, we supported the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) with their hard work for Syrian refugees. We designed and released a limited t-shirt and donated all proceeds to the cause.
In 2020, we supported Black Lives Matter US (BLM) and Afro Danish Collective with their important work against systematic racism and racial discrimination. Again, we designed and released a limited t-shirt and donated all proceeds to the cause, splitted 50/50 between the two.
In 2020, we established a partnership with the Danish Red Cross that encourages everyone to hand in their retired sneakers in our stores, which we’ll pass on to the Red Cross’ thrift stores across Denmark. To make an example, and contribute to the cause from our own pocket, we donated 205 pairs of sneakers and 244 pieces of clothing - all brand new from our stock - to Red Cross Thrift Stores across Denmark. All profits from the thrift stores go to charity work and international aid.

We're not done


We want to continue to help organizations that fight for a better World. We will use our platform to spread awareness, inspire, and motivate our audience to fight with us.
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