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As the sneakers connaisseurs we are at Rezet, we have developed our own range of Rezet care products that are perfect for cleaning, grooming and maintaining your sneakers. The series consists of three simple steps, each with its own product, which can be applied to all types of materials. All Rezet care products are environmentally friendly and biodegradable to avoid unnecessary environmental impact. We recommend that you start your care routine with our impregnation, which is called 01 Protect, so that your shoes can be as dirt-repellent as possible from the start. When your shoes need cleaning, 02 Clean will come to your rescue, as it is a gentle but effective cleaning lotion. If your sneakers have been given an inconvenient odor or simply need an aromatic refresher, 03 Refresh shoe-deo is your salvation as the shoes will smell fresh again after a single treatment. Advantageously, all three steps can be repeated periodically for optimal treatment of your shoes.