Environmental responsibility



Little by little, our vision is to influence consumption- and production patterns within our industry. If we can help change behavior, we can help change the World - maybe just a little bit.

Starting with ourselves, we’re committed to minimize environmental harm and to inspire others. Here’s how we aim to bridge doing what we love with environmental responsibility:




All of Team Rezet - from stores to office - have taken part in designing our “Rezet Responsibility” efforts for a complete integration throughout all departments.
All relevant suppliers will throughout 2022 provide a comprehensive walk-through of their sustainable product range, for all staff to be well-informed and more suited to convey key messages for both our in-store and online customers.





Our buying team will focus more on buying sustainable - or otherwise responsible - products every season from our suppliers.


The team is always looking for new brands with a sustainable profile to add to our brand mix.
With our range of private label products, we focus on responsible solutions such as organic cotton, recycled plastic, and more.



To guide our customers in making more informed choices, our marketing team has created an in-store and online universe to promote and stage our selection of environmentally-friendly products.
We will continuously use our channels to tell stories about responsible solutions and actions to inspire and motivate our audience. 
The team are continuously looking for relevant collaborators to launch and market responsible products, stories, concepts and charities with.


The big little things


In 2020, we redesigned all our shopping bags into non-woven bags made of green polypropylene, which is partially made of sugar canes and recycled plastic that is turned into fibers. The durable and water-repellent fiber material can last for a long time, making the bags 100% reusable and finally 100% recyclable as plastic waste. Compared to other types of fabric bags, our non-woven bags are far more climate friendly to manufacture. 
We’re doing our best to reduce unnecessary use of papir and electricity, and we ask all departments to bring home any leftover food to reduce waste. 
As of now, we’re sorting all trash and doing our best to reduce unnecessary use of papir and electricity. We ask our teams to bring home any leftover food to reduce waste.
In 2022, our goal is to find a reusable and/or recyclable way to ship our weborders.


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