Rezet Responsibility



One step closer to a more responsible business.

As a workplace and platform, we feel morally obliged to make an effort for a better and greener world.


Our ambition is to find more responsible solutions throughout our business, and to use our platform to motivate and inspire others to act with care for our planet and people.

Rezet Sneaker Store was founded by a passion for sneakers, and a love for sharing it with others. For us, it’s about living out our passion whilst minimizing the harm to the world around us. If we can inspire one or two along the way to make better choices - that’s even better.
We strive to:
1) Offer products, concepts and services that reduce, prolong and recycle your purchases.


2) Find better solutions throughout our business.


3) Use our platform to promote environmental-friendly behavior and social equality.


Our ambition is to find more responsible solutions throughout our business.



To utilize our platform to motivate and inspire others to act with thought and care for our planet and people.

Environmental responsibility
Environmental responsibility
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Social responsibility
Social responsibility
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Responsibility Services


We’re striving to redefine what a sneaker store should be. Through tailored concepts and services, we’re facilitating the journey to a better and longer sneaker-life. 



We love sneakers, and we’ll continue doing so. We do our best to offer a curated selection of high-quality products with long-lasting and/or sustainable features.





With your new or used pair of sneakers, we offer a number of services to prolong the lifetime of your sneakers.


Firstly, we offer a Sneaker Protection Service. A nano repellant treatment that makes your sneakers rain and dirt resistant, and therefore more durable.
Secondly, for those who like to keep their sneakers fresh, we offer our own selection of care- and cleaning products. All our products are water based and packed in 100% recyclable plastic bottles. Explore our care products.
Explore our care products here.
Lastly, if you’re looking for a professional sneaker cleaning and treatment, we offer a Sneaker Cleaning Service from all our stores.
Read more about our cleaning service here.



Don’t throw them out! When you’ve retired a pair of sneakers, please hand them to us - we’ll take all kinds. In collaboration with the Danish Red Cross, we’re giving your old sneakers a new home through Red Cross Thrift Stores around Denmark.


Your sneakers will be recycled and live on to make someone else happy. Even more so, all profits from your sneakers will go to the Red Cross’ charity work and international aid. 
Read more about our partnership with the Danish Red Cross here.


We're not done yet.

We’re working on even more ideas and services that support a longer product-life. Stay tuned, and please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any inputs for new or existing services.