Eau de Parfum 106 30ml

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Le Bon Parfumeur

Eau de Parfum 106 30ml

Bon Parfumeurs Eau de Parfum 106 is a sensual and bold fragrance that especially comes into its own when darkness falls. Fragrant, fruity damascena rose creates the initial fascination, while pink pepper contributes fresh, spicy notes. Rose petals give Eau de Parfum 106 a velvety touch and blend elegantly with the perfume's embracing, musky and warm, vanilla notes.

Top: Damascena rose, pink pepper, amber seed
Heart: Davana, upcycled rose, papyrus

Base: Vanilla, Peruvian balsam, sandalwood

SDK no.: 2372518
Style code: BP106EDP30
Colour: Pink

With Bon Parfumeur, the founder Ludovic Bonneton brings the art of perfumery back to its roots - but with a modern twist. The French, innovative brand Bon Parfumeur is based on the desire to let creativity run free and create artistic, contemporary scents that match any mood. At Rezet Store you can choose from at wide range of Bon Parfumeur's authentic unisex perfumes with premium ingredients that dare to challenge the norms. And the many exciting fragrances can be combined with each other to achieve an even more unique expression.

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