Ordering and delivery


I have placed an order but have not received any email about it. What do I do?

Start by checking your inbox for spam/promotional emails, as the order confirmation may have landed there by mistake. If this is not the case, please contact our customer service at [email protected] so that we can investigate what is wrong.


When do I receive my order?

Our normal delivery time in Denmark is 1-4 business days. We always keep you updated and send your tracking link by email as soon as the package is on its way so you can track the shipment. The normal delivery time within Europe is up to 7 business days, and the normal delivery time outside Europa is up to 14 business days. Your local postal service will deliver and notify you about the shipment once it has arrived in the recipient country.


How much does it cost to have an item delivered?

If the order amount exceeds DKK 799, you can obtain free shipping to any parcel shop/post office or private/business address in Denmark. If the order amount is less than DKK 800, shipping costs DKK 30 to an optional parcel shop/post office or private/business address in Denmark. If your order is shipped outside Denmark, you can find the shipping price when choosing your country of delivery during checkout.


Can I pick up my order immediately once I have selected in-store pickup?

If your order has been placed via the "Click & Collect" button, you can expect collection of your order after 2 hours within the store's opening hours. If, on the other hand, you have placed your order via the "Add to cart" button, your order will be sent from an external warehouse, where the delivery time is 1-4 working days within Denmark. No matter what, we will inform you by email/SMS when your order is ready for collection in the store, so you should always wait for this.


Do you offer a price match?

Yes, we offer price match. See the rules and guidelines regarding price matching here.


Change and cancellation of order

Can I cancel my order?

No, you basically cannot, as we process your order as soon as we receive it to ensure fast delivery. If you do not want the ordered items, simply return them to one of our stores or send them back free of charge with the return label included in the shipment (within Denmark only).


Can I change an item in my order?

No, unfortunately it is not possible. Once your order has been placed, we will begin to process it. It is therefore not possible to change size, color or the like.


Can I add an extra item to my completed order?

No, unfortunately you cannot. If you want one more item, you must place a new order on this one.


I was mistakenly given incorrect contact information on my order. What do I do?

Contact our customer service at [email protected] as soon as possible, so that we can help correct the incorrect contact information.


My order has been canceled, but the amount is still reserved/authorized in my bank account. When is the amount available in my account again?

We do not withdraw payment for a canceled order. Your bank can keep the amount reserved for us as a security for coverage. The authorization of the amount expires automatically when we do not claim it. If you want the reservation canceled immediately, you are welcome to contact our customer service, who can contact your bank in order to get them to cancel the reservation.

Return and exchange

My order was shipped in several packages. Is there anything I need to be aware of when it comes to sending return?

When you receive your order in several packages, a unique return label will be included in each shipment (within Denmark only). This means that you must pay attention to using the correct return label, which is attached to the specific order. The reference number on the return label must therefore match the order number which contains the item which you want to return.
Feel free to contact our customer service if you have the slightest doubt about the return process for several sub-shipments linked to an order.


How much does it cost to return my order?

We include a free return label in all our shipments within Denmark regardless of order amount, so you can always send your order back to us if the item does not live up to your expectations. The shipping company appears on your return label. If you want to return an international order, it is very important to choose Business Parcel Service otherwise the parcel cannot be delivered at our warehouse. Please contact your local postal office to know more about the return cost.


There was no return label in my shipment. What do I do?

We only include free return labels in shipments within Denmark. Please contact our customer service at [email protected] and ask for a new return label, which you can print yourself, if you are from Denmark.


How do I return an item to the webshop?

Simply fill in your return form and then send the item back to our web warehouse free of charge (within Denmark only) with your return label. The shipping company appears on your return label. It is important that you receive a receipt from the parcel shop/post office confirming that you have handed in the parcel. Remember that the original shoe box must not be used as a shipping box. Feel free to use the brown shipping box in which you originally received the item.


How do I exchange an item purchased on the webshop?

You are welcome to exchange your item in one of our physical stores. Otherwise, you can always send the item free of charge (only within Denmark) back to our web warehouse so you can get your money back. Next, place a new order for the item you want to receive instead. Exchange cannot be done in any other way.


Have you received my return order?

There is a parcel number on your receipt for the return shipment, which you can track. When you track the package with the given freight company and it is stated as being delivered, it has landed in the right place. After this, the processing process of your return order begins, which can take up to 14 days before the final return registration takes place, which generates an automatic return receipt by e-mail with a corresponding refund.


When will I get my money back for my return order?

We will refund the amount to the payment card that was originally used at the time of purchase. This typically happens within 14 days of us receiving the return order. We send an email confirming receipt and refund once the item has been reviewed and registered in our system.


Is it possible to return my item in a Rezet store, even if it was originally purchased on the webshop?

Yes, it is. It just needs to happen within 30 days of you receiving your order. Remember to present your physical delivery note or order confirmation by email.


Is it possible to send an item back, which was originally purchased by physical appearance in a Rezet store?
No, unfortunately it is not. If you have purchased the item by physical appearance in one of our stores, you must also stop by one of the stores to get your money back. This must be done within 30 days from the date of purchase and upon presentation of the original purchase receipt.


My item is broken. What do I do?
When you shop at rezetstore.com or in one of our stores, you always have a 2-year right to make a complaint. If you originally bought the item on our webshop, you must send an email to [email protected] with your order number and photos as well as a description of the error. If the defective item was purchased in one of our physical stores, please contact the store and bring your item and your original receipt.

Raffle, reservation and restock


Is it possible to pre-order an item that has not been released yet?
No, it is not. We do not accept reservations or pre-orders, as all our items are sold on a first-come, first-served basis or via raffle. You can possibly sign up for our raffle/release reminder directly on the product page, to be informed when the given item is put up for sale.


Is it possible to reserve an item in one of your stores?
No, it is not, but if you want to secure a specific item, you can place an order for this via the "Click & Collect" button on the webshop. You will then receive an email confirming that the item has been purchased by you and that it is subsequently ready for collection in the store.


How do I participate in your online raffle?
When the countdown on the product expires, you have 10 minutes to participate in our online raffle. Here you sign up with your information, and subsequently receive an email confirming the registration. If you win the draw, you will receive an SMS and email about it. The email contains a link to the specific item, which is active for 15 minutes. If you do not click on the link and complete your order within the 15 minutes, you have lost your chance to buy the item, and it thus goes on to the next in line.


Do you get a sold-out item in stock again?
We do not do this in principle, as we prioritize selling the latest and most current styles from the current season. Certain classic styles are sometimes repeated in the new collections. If so, then there may be a restock. Please send your inquiry to [email protected] with a direct link to the item and the desired size, so we can investigate it further.


Can I be notified if a specific item comes in stock again?
At present, it is unfortunately not possible to get a notification when a particular item comes back in stock. However, it is a technical solution that we are working to develop. We would recommend you follow us on Instagram and Facebook to be informed about the latest items.