W' Osaka Blazer

3000 DKK


Won Hundred

W' Osaka Blazer

The black, timeless Won Hundred Osaka Blazer is a classic wardrobe staple. The unisex silhouette is designed with an oversize fit and made from recycled polyester and high-quality virgin wool, so you can style it as a comfortable outer layer for both everyday life and parties. With its stylish, chunky look, the Osaka Blazer is relevant season after season.

SDK no.: 2358090
Style code: 2598-14199
Colour: Black

Won Hundred is a Copenhagen-based brand that was started back in 2004 by Nikolaj Nielsen. They have always had denim as their main focus and have since day one cared a lot about craftsmanship and quality. Their entire denim collection is all produced in Italy of the finest quality, exclusively organic and washed by some of the best laundries in the industry. Their ready-to-wear collections feature stylish and versatile items, for both men and women and at an affordable price. Shop styles such as trousers, shirts, jackets and much more. Won Hundred's design vision is to create timeless, long-lasting products with a focus on design and "wearability", regardless of the age and gender of the consumer. They have a mission to represent sustainable initiatives over time that can contribute to a more responsible and ethical approach to a textile business. Won Hundred already has their Green Cross label, which indicates that the clothes consist of an organic material.      

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