1996 Seas. Nuptse Jacket

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The North Face

1996 Seas. Nuptse Jacket

The name Nuptse originates from the Tibetan word ”west peak”, and is the name of a mountain in the Nepalese Himalayas. The iconic Nupste jackets is originally from '92 and is back in a version with a cool camo print. The fit is normal, and the jacket has a perfect boxy retro look. As on the 1996-version of the jacket, this Nupste jacket has 4 panels - the so-called baffels, which also contributes to the retro feel.

SDK no.: 2017279
Style code: T93MIX
Colour: Newtaupegreenmacrofl

Did you know that American The North Face is named after the most unforgiving side of a mountain? You didn’t, right? Well, now you do! The northern side of a mountain is typically, specifically on the Northern hemisphere, colder, gets more snow and less sun, and is more formidable than other places on a mountain. The North Face was established in 1966 in San Francisco in USA. The brand continuously accomplishes to deliver extensive and cool collections, which consist of a performance line with apparel, equipment, bags and shoes that always seem attract the streetwear fashion scene instantly. The brand is particularly recognized by iconic items such as the cool Nuptse jacket. The North Face endlessly push the boundaries of innovation so that you can push the boundaries of exploration. Rezetstore.com has a large selection of great products from The North Face ranging from cool jackets, nice T-shirts, vests, footwear and accessories.

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