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If you missed the chance last time, you now have a unique opportunity to acquire a pair of the coveted Salomon XT-6 ADV in Black/Vanilla Ice/Racing Red. S / LAB XT-6 ADV are a pair of trendy trail shoes that have achieved the status of a decidedly fashion shoe, which is why they are quickly sold out once they are released in new seasonal colors. Originally launched in 2013, the XT-6 ADVs are designed with proven technologies such as EndoFit, SensiFit and Quicklace, all of which help maximize comfort, performance and usability. Here they come in a classic color combination that can be easily styled with other colors, which places them even higher on the list of must-have sneakers.

SDK no.: 2071337
Style code: L40764100
Colour: Black/Vanilla Ice/Ra

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Salomon is a renowned French company established by François Salomon in Annecy in 1947. Salomon has a passion for outdoor sports, new technologies and solid craftsmanship, which is why they exclusively create quality products that allow the consumer to enjoy his active lifestyle. Today Salomon's products are far from limited to the mountain tops. The trekking trends have really emerged in the fashion world, where both national and international fashion brands are inspired by the robust silhouettes and to a much greater extent enter into collaborations with decidedly outdoor brands.

Salomon's XT-6 achieved cult status and established with its popularity that Salomon manages to capture a new and more fashion-conscious type that is not afraid to mark itself with a pair of eye-catching trail shoes. Rezet loves the popular XT-4XT-Quest and the ACS Pro model, which have also become true classics.

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