Wavy Trimming Sparkle Pleats Roll Neck Top

900 DKK



Wavy Trimming Sparkle Pleats Roll Neck Top

Expand your everyday wardrobe with the black Wavy Trimming Sparkle Pleats Roll Neck Top from South Korean brand RECTO. The top is made in a polyester blend with a slim, ribbed structure with small metal ‘pearls’ to give the top the 'glitter' effect and a unique look. It is completed with a turtleneck, visible, black stitching at the neck, shoulders as well as in the middle of the back and front.

55% polyester
45% metal

SDK no.: 2364318
Style code: RCWK23WWTP
Colour: Black

RECTO: The right-hand page of an open book or the front of a paper sheet. Led by award-winning creative director Jung Ji Yeon, South Korean RECTO delivers gender-neutral silhouettes and minimalistic, streamlined wardrobe staples with ingenious cuts, asymmetrical lines and small, quirky details. The brand's distinctive aesthetic unfolds in the field between casual comfort and modern elegance, and RECTO's always tasteful collections contain accessible designs created with well-selected materials of particularly high quality, giving each item the opportunity to live season after season.

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