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This iconic shoe was originally designed only to last the distance of a single marathon - hence the name: Mayfly. A “100 KM” logo was even printed on the shoe in order to remind the runner of the ultra short life span of the shoe.

The Lite BR-version keeps the ultra-minimal design of the original but adds just the right amount of comfort upgrades.

SDK no.: 1519734
Style code: 898027
Colour: White/White-pure Pla

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Nike is considered to be one of the more innovative and experimental sneaker brands when it comes to the development of technical materials and innovative solutions, which is often a big driver for the hype sorrounding their new launches. The entire Nike Air Max sneaker line is one of the most popular on the market, and is found in all colors and materials. Besides the Air Max sneakers, their product range spans from hight to low (in both look and feel), and we take great pride in selecting the most attractive sneakers, apparel, and accessories for Rezet Sneaker Store. In addition, we often, as one of the only retailers in Denmark, get acces to some of Nike's most limited sneakers.

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