Sorona Training T-Shirt

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Newline HALO

Sorona Training T-Shirt

The new dark grey, short-sleeved Sorona Training T-shirt from Danish Newline HALO is perfect for physical activity and training. The T-shirt is made of sustainable sorona fabric, which is both breathable and very flexible, making it comfortable to wear, even when the activity level is at its peak. Sorona Training T-shirt features practical flatlock seams and is completed with printed logos on both front and higher back.

97% polyamide
3% elastane

SDK no.: 2353958
Style code: 610316
Colour: Ebony

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Newline HALO-Sorona Training T-Shirt-Black-2353957
Newline HALO-Sorona Training T-Shirt-Oyster Gray-2353959

Newline HALO was established in 2015 and is designed by Malkit Singh and Rasmus Storm. Newline itself, was founded in 1981 by the professional soldier Helge Petersen, who – with his great experience – developed the innovative brand. The name HALO originates from the parachute jump "High Altitude Low Opening", and the collections are based on functionality and high performance. The color scheme and material choice evolve from parachutes and is formed in the environment connected to the military air force base in Aalborg. HALO collections are tested in collaboration with the Danish Special Forces.

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