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Moon Boot

Icon Nylon Boot

The iconic, high nylon boots from Moon Boot, here in the classic blue colorway, are inspired by the advanced astronaut footwear at the 1969 lunar landing. These boots are hard not to notice, with its oversized silhouette, sturdy laces and a high shaft. The boots are made of technical materials that can withstand snow and are designed to keep feet warm in harsh weather conditions. The upper is made of polyester with a PVC water-repellent shell, wrapping the heel and toes for extra protection. The inside is lined with insulating polyester and the fit is adjustable with rope-like zig-zag laces with metallic eyelets. The upper rests on a lightweight thermoplastic rubber midsole and a rubber outsole that features suction pads, providing a non-slip grip on any terrain. Moon Boot 'Electric Blue' is completed with white logo branding on the shaft and branding on the heel.

Shell: 100% polyester
Heel and toe: 100% water-repellent PVC
Lining: 100% polyester
Midsole: 100% thermoplastic rubber
Outsole: 100% rubber

SDK no.: 2303806
Style code: 965-140044
Colour: Electric Blue

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Inspired by space, made for earth- Giancarlo Zanatta’s vision brings you the Moon Boot Collection. These boots have become a top choice recently, gaining popularity for their blend of style and warmth. 


Every boot is crafted with care, offering a pop of color and unmatched comfort. Winter streets or snowy trails, Moon Boots are your perfect companion. 


Explore our collection and give your feet the opportunity to sparkle and stand out this season like never before.

Design and features

Every detail of Moon Boots has been carefully crafted, starting with its exceptional insulation The iconic boot ensures that even on the coldest days, your feet remain snug and toasty. 


While its insulation promises warmth, the lightweight midsole ensures that your stride remains as effortless as ever. No more cumbersome walks or aching feet at the end of a long day. 


The rubber tread sole brings something special to these boots. Fitted with innovative suction pads, these boots promise unparalleled ground control. Whether you're trudging through rain-soaked streets, hiking on uneven terrains, or simply going about your daily routine, the Moon Boot is up to the task. 


The Moon Boots have a unique design where there's no distinct right or left boot, ensuring they fit everyone equally. 


With its 100% water-repellent capability, the Moon Boots ensure that you're not just stepping out in style but in confidence too. Gone are the days when rain or puddles would leave you with damp feet. With these boots, you're always ready, come rain or shine.


A noticeable feature  is its sturdy PVC heel counter and trim. It provides additional structural support which ensures that the boot retains its shape even after countless adventures. It’s a testament to the fact that durability and style can go hand in hand.


The silver-tone metal eyelets add a touch of shine to the boots. Along with the drawstring at the top, they help you adjust the fit for comfort, ensuring the boots fit snugly and stylishly around your feet.


The thermoplastic midsole provides excellent cushioning, making every step more comfortable. Also, the boot’s multi size foam lining molds to your foot’s shape. No matter where you go, these boots are designed to keep your feet supported and comfy.


What truly distinguishes the Moon Boots from other footwear on the market is their attention to detail. Every stitch, lace, and material choice reflects a deep commitment to design excellence. This dedication is evident in their functionality and in the intricate designs and patterns that adorn each pair, setting them in a class of their own.


The brand's logo-print panel is prominently featured on the design. It's not just a logo; it symbolizes the quality and craftsmanship behind each pair of boots. At the rear side of each booth is the brand’s embossed logo, subtly catching the eye without being overpowering.


Accompanying the distinct logo-print panel is the Moon Boots' signature lacing system. These boots feature a captivating zig-zag pattern created by tubular criss-cross laces. This design choice is not only a visual departure from traditional laces, but it also serves a functional purpose. The criss-cross lacing ensures that the boot snugly wraps around the foot.


Moon Boots are easy to wear despite their detailed design. They slip on easily, blending comfort and style for those always on the go.


The adjustability of the Moon Boots doesn't end here. They are available in two distinct variants to cater to varied preferences: the Moon Boot Classic Low and the standout Moon Boot High. Each brings its unique flair, ensuring there's a perfect fit for every style palate. So whether you prefer a low-key look or something that stands out, the right Moon Boot awaits you.


Drawing inspiration from astronauts who ventured into space, Moon Boots merges that adventurous spirit with today's fashion sensibilities. Designed for both men and women, they aren't just regular footwear. They encapsulate a bold attitude, allowing wearers to express their unique style with a nod to cosmic exploration.

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