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Wool Lahinch Bucket Hat

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Wool Lahinch Bucket Hat

Wool Lahinch is an updated version of the original bucket hat from Kangol. With a blocked construction of plain, felted knit the hat is soft while it retains its elevated shape. The hat is made of a wool blend, which makes it especially suitable for autumn and winter. The black Wool Lahinch hat has retained its distinctive shape and features a contrasting, embroidered Kangol logo in white on the front, making this style stand out from the crowd.

SDK no.: 2310436
Style code: 090-K3191S
Colour: Black

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The British brand Kangol has a rich cultural history. Founder of the brand, Jacques Spreiregen, managed to spread berets to the general public and made Kangol a leading headwear brand. The brand has gone through a massive evolution from being an exclusive hat brand in the 1920s to achieve huge influence within hip-hop culture in the 90s, and delivers cult classics to the fashion world to this day with their versatile berets and bucket hats.

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