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Cord Bucket Hat

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Cord Bucket Hat

Kangol has updated a classic silhouette with premium materials. The Cord Bucket hat is made of cotton corduroy, which is velvety soft and comfortable to wear. The clean silhouette and timeless shape of the hat makes it versatile and suitable for all seasons. The Cord Bucket is seen above in a stylish black with a tone-on-tone embroidered Kangol logo, making this style a subdued and classic addition to any wardrobe.

SDK no.: 2310442
Style code: 090-K4228H
Colour: Black

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Kangol-Cord Bucket Hat-Wood-2310443

The British brand Kangol has a rich cultural history. Founder of the brand, Jacques Spreiregen, managed to spread berets to the general public and made Kangol a leading headwear brand. The brand has gone through a massive evolution from being an exclusive hat brand in the 1920s to achieve huge influence within hip-hop culture in the 90s, and delivers cult classics to the fashion world to this day with their versatile berets and bucket hats.

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