The history of the nuptse
”Light is right” was the ground principle in 1992, when the design team behind the iconic Nuptse jacket went on a 55 day long design expedition to a mountain area near Mount Everest. The name Nuptse originates from the Tibetan word ”west peak”, and is the name of a mountain in the Nepalese Himalayas. Via the journey, the Nuptse team quickly experienced the importance of appropriate, warm, practical and light gear in the mountains.
New York in the 90's
Straight from the initial introduction in 1992, the Nuptse jacket quickly became a popular street wear item – especially within the hip hop community. The jacket was as custom-made to the streets of New York. ‘90s legends such as Biggie and Mase wore the Nuptse jacket in two sizes too big and styled it with heavy boots and baggy jeans for a true boss look.
The deep baffles filled with down are iconic for the style, which is also referred to as ”Puffer”. The look is voluminous and puffy with its soft michelin-like shape. Besides the iconic silhouette, the Nuptse is also knows for its often contrasting block colorways.
The North Face has made multiple successful collaborations with fashion brands throughout the years. The most significant one is the continuous partnership with the New York founded skate brand Supreme. The popularity and global demand grow increasingly and have done so since the very first collaboration. Today, Nuptse is still an iconic style on the street wear scene because of its unique history and its design esthetics.