Partnership between Rezet Sneaker Store & Red Cross

Rezet Sneaker Store and Røde Kors have come together to inspire and draw attention to the value of recycling⁠. In an effort to extend the lifetime of sneakers, we want to give back in a chaotic time, where charity doesn't necessarily get much focus in the media landscape.

Give your old sneakers a new home
We encourage everyone to hand-in those sneakers you never use - regardless of condition - in your nearest Rezet Store. It may sound crazy, but your old shoes can actually make a difference for someone else, and even help make positive changes in our World. ⁠

All collected shoes will weekly be passed on to Røde Kors thrift stores, from where all profits go to social work and international emergency aid.

Submit your used shoes in any Rezet Sneaker Store, or send them to us at our expense.

We do a quality check on each pair of shoes before we pass them on to the Red Cross.

Your shoes will be sold in the Red Cross' 240 second-hand shops, thus creating joy for a new owner.

All profits go to charity and international aid.


We need your help
Let's stand together and collect as many shoes as possible. Everyone has old shoes lying around. Especially us - so we'll start. Help us spread the message, and share your contribution with #becauseweloverødekors

Quote Aske Frederiksen, CEO Rezet Store:“"The Rezet Store collaboration with the Red Cross is of great importance to our staff, to people who need help and hopefully also to our customers. We will do everything we can to collect as many shoes as possible, in order to give them to The Red Cross stores. Hopefully through our collection we can make a lot of Red Cross customers happy, while supporting a good cause. Being able to give back in a chaotic time where charity does not necessarily characterize the debate means a lot to us. We must not forget that many people need help - especially up until Christmas and in a turbulent Corona time. Rezet Store has just donated 270 new clothing styles and 230 pairs of sneakers to the campaign, which is expected to land in the Red Cross stores on Friday, with which we expect to be able to raise the first DKK 100,000 for the Rezet x Red Cross campaign”.

Quote Tina Donnerborg, Head of Recycling Red Cross: “The Red Cross is pleased with the collaboration with Rezet Store. We are ready to make sure that the shoes have a chance to be recycled - for the benefit of the climate and for the benefit of the Red Cross' relief work. The shoes are put up for sale in our more than 240 Red Cross stores across the country.

If you do not live near one of our stores, we would still very much like to receive your retired sneakers. In that regard, simply just write an email to [email protected] and ask for a package label, which you can print and use to send your sneakers by post to us.

We really hope that as many of our fantastic customers as possible will support our cooperation by handing in the shoes that are not used, to us.

→ Check our physical stores and their locations here!


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