Atlas Bookstand

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Atlas Bookstand

Bæbsy Atlas Bookstand is a dark blue, stylish bookstand whose sharp silhouette is inspired by the giant of Greek mythology, Atlas, who was condemned to carry the heavens upon his shoulders. Similarly, the Atlas Bookstand can carry any coffee table book you may wish to elevate and visually highlight in the room. This x-shaped bookstand is made of solid, stainless steel and can be assembled into two different designs - ordinary and levitating.

- Stainless steel
- L 18 x W 30 x H 13
- 1.7 kg

SDK no.: 2332255
Style code: BB#GGG
Colour: Blue

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Bæbsy-Atlas Bookstand-White-2310817
Bæbsy-Atlas Bookstand-Black-2310814
Bæbsy-Atlas Bookstand-Dark Grey-2332254
Bæbsy-Atlas Bookstand-Chrome-2332256

With a “less is more” philosophy, the Amsterdam-based brand Bæbsy creates minimalist, modern design for everyday life. Bæbsy peels off all superfluity and focuses on a clean and simple aesthetic. The result is a timeless and very stylish product like the Atlas Bookstand, which elegantly exhibits any book you might want to highlight visually. Craftsmanship and finishes are paramount, so you can enjoy your Bæbsy product for many years to come.

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