ANOTHER Shirt 4.0

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Another Aspect

ANOTHER Shirt 4.0

Expand your wardrobe with ANOTHER ASPECT's versatile shirts. The new ANOTHER Shirt 4.0 in the striped “Brown White Stripe” colorway is an obvious addition to your spring wardrobe, easy to combine with anything, whether it is blue jeans or a pair of shorts. The beige shirt is made from a soft cotton blend with hemp and merino wool, making it light and comfortable to wear. It is equipped with beautiful white and light grey stripes, a chest pocket on the left side, and it is completed with nice white pearl buttons.

48% hemp
42% cotton
10% merino wool

SDK no.: 2336011
Style code: ASBWS
Colour: Brown White Stripe

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Another Aspect-ANOTHER Shirt 4.0-Ecru Gold Stripe-2332666

ANOTHER ASPECT starts from the idea of ​​creating timeless styles in sustainable materials, and they believe in creating designs with a long life - both in terms of look and quality. They believe this idea can help customers buy better and hopefully less clothes. Danish ANOTHER ASPECT is based with all production considerations in mind. It starts with how the materials that they use are collected, how these materials are processed and sewn, the way they pack it, and not least the way they ship their products. At the same time, it is also very important for them how the consumer can take care of their clothes, how they can eventually be recycled, and not least how we consume clothes in general. Their collections are created based on the understanding of doing our daily routines, but at the same time creating space for new adventures. They are based on archetypal shapes and classic elements that are created to complement wherever our everyday journey takes us, whether it is familiar or unfamiliar routes. Our selection of ANOTHER ASPECT contains both shirts and jackets.   

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